GIFREUM 应邀参加杭州市礼品商会会员大会

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2013年1月28日 ,GIFREUM 应邀参加了杭州市礼品商会二届二次会员大会暨行业交流会。 下午15时30分会长海威集团董事长吴坚宣布大会开始,并做了关于2012年商会工作总结报告及2013年工
       2013年1月28日 ,GIFREUM 应邀参加了杭州市礼品商会二届二次会员大会暨行业交流会。

Gifreum Invited to participate in the Hangzhou gift commercial the general assembly

January 28, 2013, GIFREUM invited to participate in the the Hangzhou gifts Chamber of Commerce the second secondary General Meeting and industry exchange.
15:30 pm, the Chairman Wu Jian announced the beginning of the meeting and made a speech about the Chamber of Commerce summary report for 2012 and 2013 work plan; consideration by the addition of vice president; introduced new member enterprises; by the Business the associated leadership awarded the 2012 outstanding Member certificate.
After the issues "raised by the chairman of Hangzhou Chun Cheng gifts and how to build the core value of the gift service provider" discussions with members, enterprises have to speak. How to restructure all enterprises from 2012 to 2013 gifts How to Win in a few aspects of a lively discussion in the turmoil of the National Commission Against.
General assembly in a harmonious atmosphere, ended successfully.

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